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Marakele National Park

Other Facilities:
  • Shop: In Thabazimbi.
  • Restaurant: In Thabazimbi. 80km of our roads are accessible to normal sedan vehicles.
  • No ATM facility available in the park.
  • Only Credit Cards are accepted at reception.
  • Electricity: Only the tented camp and camping site is supplied with electricity.
  • Fuel: Petrol and diesel available in Thabazimbi.
  • Garage: In Thabazimbi.
  • Medical services: Doctor and hospital in Thabazimbi.
  • Telephone: There are no public telephones in the park, but these are available in Thabazimbi.
  • Post Office: In Thabazimbi.
  • Police: The nearest police stations are located 12km from the office and camping site in Thabazimbi and approximately 18km north of the Kareehoek turnoff at Hoopdal.
Special Notes
  • You will be warned at reception about roads that are inaccessible in the Park. Should you drive on these roads and get stuck we will contact a towing company for you and you will be charged for recovery expenses.
  • No driving at night is allowed in the Park.
  • No collection of firewood.
  • Remember charcoal or wood, as this is not available in the park.
  • A general speed limit of 30 km/h must be maintained within the Parks boundaries.
  • You have to vacate the tent at 10:00 on the day of departure.
  • The key for the gates must be returned to reception on the day of departure.
Alternatively you can leave the key at the points indicated to you by the receptionist.

Marakele National Park Flora and Fauna


Being a desert environment, the vegetation is quite minimal and dots the landscape here and there. Shrub veld is commonly seen as is thorny Kalahari dune bushveld.


Although the park is mostly desert, there are a few desert adapted animals living here. Lucky guests might spot black mane lions, gemsbok, mongoose, wild cat, warthog and all kinds of birds. The spares vegetation allows guests to see further into the distance than they would in other parks.